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Light Uniformity
AD&Lighting's original 3D V-cutting method is designed to spread the light uniformly over the light guide panel to maintain natural-light-like comfortable light and
3D V-cutting
AD&Lighting's original 3D V-cutting is a processing technique that automatically calculates the optimal pattern interval that can realize the best degree of light uniformity based on the size, thickness, and the location of LED of the panel, forming V-shaped grooves to reflect lights uniformly. That is, the pattern interval near the light source is set as huge, and narrow as it gets far so that the front panel can emit light uniformly regardless of the location of the light source.
Waterproof Light Guide Panel
Designed and structured with IP65-level waterproof for outdoor uses
Color Temperature Uniformity
Selected Samsung LED chip is used to maintain uniform color temperature
Low-power high-efficiency PCB design
Product Specification LED pitch Remark Use
Diffuser LED PCB 6 LEDS 460mm / 4W 80mm CRI 80 Back Lit
Metal core PCB 5 LEDS 360mm / 14.4W 75mm UL E484934 Edge Lit
Aluminum Heatsink
The aluminum frame absorbs all heat from LED, maintaining the surface temperature of LED even during long-term use to maintain the lifespan of LED.
Light Guide Panel with Various Shapes
AD&Lighting's advanced technology can make light guide panels in any shape the client wants.
FABLite, the Light Box(FABLite)
Fabricable structure allows simple manufacture without a limit in size.
Actual Image Printing : width 3200mm Ecofriendly Printing System
- Dye Sublimation Method - Fabric: : German fabric with special treatment for lights
  • Satisfies DIN 4102: class B 1 (Flame Resistance)
  • 100% Polyester
  • Ecofriendly Material
- 6 colours (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm)
- Soft Single, Home Textile
- No Harmful Substances Produced (Ecofriendly natural dye)
(Direct Dye Sublimation)
Ecofriendly Printing Method
Customized Aluminum Frame Design
Fabric Light Box – LGP Type
  • 이미지Worldwide Slimmest
  • 이미지Single-sided
  • 이미지Double-sided
  • 이미지45mm Direct-type
  • 이미지60mm Direct-type
  • 이미지Double-sided Direct-type

Fabric Light Box – Direct Edgelit Type
  • 이미지Edgelit Light Box_ Double-sided

Snap Light Box
  • 이미지Snap Light Box_ Double-sided
  • 이미지Single-sided
  • 이미지Double-sided