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Light Guide Panel

AD&Lighting's light guide panels are thin, multipurpose, and highly energy-efficient back lighting
technology with 20-year manufacturing experience; it provides bright and uniform light. The self-designed pattern processor is programmed with an AI algorithm to automatically adjust pattern intervals based on the size of the panel to manufacture the panel with the best light uniformity.

Light Guide Panel

AD&Lighting's advanced technology maximizes the energy efficiency
to provide customized light guide panels the client wants. We provide appropriate frame types for the project for performance and reliability,
and we can manufacture panels with a size of 3,000mm x 2,000mm at max.

  • Frame A Frame A

    Frame A holds the side that LED is attached to with an aluminum frame to efficiently release the heat caused by LED.

    LED Color Temperature : 3000, 4000, 5000, 6500K

    5mm New cast Acrylic Sheet

  • Frame B Frame B

    Frame B holds 5mm acryl and 3mm MDF with aluminum frame so it is great large-size manufacture. Reflection sheet attached to the backside is laminated with MDF and does not deform even after a long term use.

  • Frame C Frame C : Double-sided lighting panel
  • Frame D Frame D

    Frame D has aluminum frame holding the four sides and a aluminum complex panel support on the backside, making it a great choice for large-sized products.

  • Frame E Frame E

    Frame E is designed to be compitable for RGB LED or Dynamic LED.

  • Frame F Frame F

    Frame F is designed for RGBW LED

Light guide panels can be used as a backlight for various purposes.
  • Graphic Backlight
  • Information Desk Information Desk and Logo or installed inside the glass
  • Onyx, Marble, and Stone Backlight Backlight construction material for hotels, offices, and other premium residential buildings.
  • For museums Lights for exhibits, sidewall panel, and exhibit information boards
  • Advertisement Display Backlight paper and the plastic poster is mounted inside a thin advertisement case
  • Retail Display Display backlight to emphasize retail shelf and display case
Light Guide Panel
LED Size Colour Temp CRI Frame Types
Standard 3,000 x 2,000 3000k - 6500k >80 A, B, C, D
>95 A, B, C, D
Dynamic White / RGB 3,000 x 2,000 3000k - 6500k >80 E
RGBW 3,000 x 2,000 F