Parking Guidance System

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Ultrasound parking guide system flow
  • 01
    Provides real-time parking information via information board at the entrance
    Install at the parking lot entrance
    Provides number of empty space per floor
    Guides the driver to quickly enter the parking space
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  • 02
    Floor/block guide signs provides parking information
    Installed per floor, region, and pathways
    to provide parking information of each area so that the driver can decide to enter or not
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  • 03
    Parking lamp provides information on empty parking spaces
    Installed between the pillars
    allows the driver to check which spaces are empty from far away
    Empty spaces are indicated with green and full areas with red.
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Characteristics and advantages
  • Made with 360° lamps that the driver can easily check the parking space status even from a distance.
  • Parking Lamps installed between the pillars allow the driver to check the available parking spaces from a distance.
  • Administrators can monitor long-term parking vehicles and the status of the parking space and can manage and control each lamp.
  • Floor/block signs and entrance information boards can be customized to differentiate your parking lot from the other parking lots.
  • Sensor parking guide system reduces the disorder of indoor or outdoor parking lots and resolves the traffic jam near
Characteristics of parking guide systems per type
Category Ultrasound Camera
Sensor Light ultrasound lamp over each parking space detects vehicle Films 1-4 sides of the parking space to detect vehicles
Characteristics of sensors 360 LED lamp allows drivers to check the parking space status from a distance and it is semipermanent. Vehicle video allows parking management and monitoring
Reliability Parking status detection time: 0.5s
Parking status guide display: Within 3 seconds
(Consistent regardless of rush/relaxed hour)
Can clearly differentitate pathway parking and parking space parking.
Parking status detection time: 5s
Parking status guide display: Within 10 seconds
(Video transfer and processing allow parking location check feature and it can be additionally implemented.)
Economical features - System investment fee is comparably low
- Maintenance frequency is low
Additional implementation of parking space check
feature is the cheapest available in the market
Actual installation cases Distributors(Discount shops, Department stores)
Large-scale Complex Facility
Apartments, Offices, Company buildings