AD&Lighting Company Profile

AD&Lighting was established in 2001 by the technical team who worked for the research, development, and mass production of Back Light for TFT-LCD. With the basis of design technology for light guide panel and inverter for CCFL(Cold Cathode Fluorescent), and mass production technology backlight for LCD, we are now producing backlight panels with high energy efficiency and excellent light efficiency by using LED light source. A self-developed pattern processor automatically sets pattern interval and depth for the best degree of uniform light based on the size of the panel and the location of LED, allowing the manufacture of light guide panels in various sizes from small to massive sizes. In addition, the LED design technology the circuit design development team developed guarantees stable and reliable high-quality; our brand is being acknowledged by the global market as the best for the minimum thickness and the best high brightness flat light products. AD&Lighting has fused aluminum profile design technology and light technology to develop the world’s first parking-control aluminum body floor / block signboard, and it is integrated with a platform technology to expand the business capability to the parking-control system. With the best technology and the best quality, we AD&Lighting will always be with our clients.
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