LED Display

World’s Best Quality

슬라이드 이미지

"FAB Lite" maximizes product advertising
with natural image production and tactile texture expression.

슬라이드 이미지

"FAB Lite" works with famous brands in the world.

슬라이드 이미지

Raise the dignity of the store
with a lively three-dimensional expression.

슬라이드 이미지

ALCOREA Co., Ltd. considers customer satisfaction
as the highest priority with products and services
that are differentiated from the highest quality.

Smart and Easy-to-use LED light

Make your menu shine with display

The LED light menu does not require cumbersome electronic wiring or special installation High-quality LED is used for the smart display. The Refined brushed chrome stand is durable, easy to maintain, and the lightbox has enough space to display menus, images, or promotional items.

조명 메뉴판
Non-lightLight adds promotional effect
조명 메뉴판
Adjustable heightSupport
  • 조명 메뉴판 Adjustable height
  • 조명 메뉴판 Angle adjustment
  • 조명 메뉴판 Support
  • 조명 메뉴판 Electrical Wiring