Parking Guidance System

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Summary of the indoor parking guide system

Ultrasound frequency guide system is a management system for each parking space, providing parking lot space information so that clients can park fast.

Each parking spot has an ultrasound lamp installed, detecting space availability with ultrasound to manage parking spaces

Summary of the outdoor parking guide system

AI deep learning-based camera sensor is used to provide parking lot space information so that clients can park fast.

AI deep-learning camera sensors can recognize vehicle plates to track the location of the vehicles.

Parking Lamp

The availability of at most 8 parking lots is displayed with
a green or red light so that drivers can check it from the distance.

  • When the emergency switch is turned on, the red light and green light
    flashes alternatively to alert the emergency.
  • When 1~8 parking lot(s) is/are available it displays green and red when full
  • Installed on pillars; it is recognizable from the pathways(with 100m visibility)
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Power Consumption DC 24V
Installation Location Parking space raceway and parking lot pillars
used Light Green LED lamp, red LED lamp, blue LED lamp(for parking lots for disabled persons)
Display Light guide panel, high-intensity LED
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